11:10 - 11:50

As a critical national resource, the financial industry is under immense pressure and scrutiny to consistently deliver secure business operations. With the major risk of financial and reputational loss, this workshop will discuss controls and technologies that have been used successfully, and sometimes not… looking at threats like hacktivism and terrorism, the financial workshop will provide good experience and strategies for security within the financial industry.

Like most industries, the maritime industry relies heavily on IT systems to communicate and operate. However, the risks and impacts associated with poor cyber security for vessels could potentially put lives at risk. Older Ships often have legacy IT systems or have new IT systems bolted onto legacy systems. For obvious reasons, this brings about huge vulnerabilities that could be exploited. This workshop will focus on how to remediate and reduce these vulnerabilities, whilst making the most out your security budget.

With a revolution in manufacturing technology, and the legacy of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), SCADA and other operational technology, the manufacturing industry has a strong challenge on its hands to implement and maintain secure and resilient systems. With ICS attacks growing daily, and the nature of the critical process and loss of intellectual property risk growing, security is fast becoming an important point on every executive and technical agenda.

11:10 - 11:50

Schools and Universities have a reasonability to ensure any data on their students is properly secured. This is because the data protection act makes it very clear on how information on under 18’s should be handled and non-compliance could result in heavy fines. This workshop will help attendee’s understand how they should be protecting this information and what tools the IT department need to strengthen their organisations cyber security.

Public sector brings a unique set of challenges within information security. Often with an overlap of legislative, compliance and international regulation – security can be a real challenge. From the mixture of data classifications, technology and breadth of human resources requirements the public sector workshop will take you through discussions bringing insight and experience to your security strategy.

One of the growing concerns within the legal industry currently is the data protection. This workshop will focus on the responsibilities and requirements for data protection, ICO, GDPR, EU-US Privacy shield… a myriad of requirements, and legislative requirement that we all need to abide to.