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UK intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) reports that at least 81% of all businesses have been affected by cybercrime. With privacy being intrinsically linked to trust, these breaches are compromising business and customer information with the potential to damage reputation as well as undermine business potential.

Cybercon aims to cut through the “white noise” surrounding cyber security by offering an accessible, understandable and realistic platform for small and large businesses in multiple industry sectors to communicate with international security specialists.

What we will do

On 23rd February 2017, Cybercon will launch. An international collaboration of leading-edge cyber and information security executives and professionals delivering key note talks and workshops about various applications and strategies to information security within various sectors and industries.

With legislation currently leading to large fines and possible custodial sentences, every executive, security professional and technically all organisations have a responsibility to execute due care and strategy into information and cyber security.

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cybercon what you will learn
about cybercon
About Cybercom conference

Cybercon will be a day for any executive involved with security strategy through to the ethical hacker in the hack-shack. With keynote speakers of international level, workshops across 6 industries and ability to have a one to one session with a cyber professional.


The one-day conference taking place at the Holiday Inn in Plymouth, Devon will be bringing together international, national and local level businesses to collaborate and educate themselves within the world of information security – within the idyllic surroundings of the South West of England.

Through global collaboration Cybercon’s event connects international cyber security solution providers, businesses and organisations. This will give delegates the knowledge and defences to protect against potential cyber security threats. By raising awareness, this invite-only event aims to improve the cyber security standards not only in the South West, but across the UK and the world.

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Keynote speakers

Meet our speakers

Jessica Barker

Menny Barzilay

Michael Dieroff

Michael Hulett

    Adrian Venables

      Graham Hunter

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